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Key Holding Service

There are a number of options to choose from that will improve the security of your home or business. Having a key holding service is one of the best options! However, many do not know what this term refers to and the benefits that come with it.

What does key holding mean?

When we say we can be your “Key Holder”, this means that you provide us with a key for your premise that we keep in a secure location. Then, when an alarm is triggered at your premise, RFE can respond in the appropriate way, whether that alarm be for intrusion, flood, freeze or fire. We will be able to enter the premise and immediately deal with the issue at hand. 

Common Scenarios: 

Left the cottage but forgot to turn the water off? No problem! RFE has a key so we can go over and take care of that for you. 

Drove all the way out from Calgary and just realized that you forgot the keys for the cottage? No problem! RFE has a key, we can come out and let you in. 

You're on an airplane and your low temperature alarm triggers? No problem! Chances are RFE has already been to the house and saved it from freeze-up. 

Your security system needs servicing? No problem! We don’t have to schedule a service call weeks in advance and make you wait for us between 8-5. We can go to the house, diagnose and resolve the issue without you even having to meet us.  

RFE Alarms is unlike any other security company you’ve dealt with. We make things simple and we take care of our customers like family

Why you should choose RFE Alarms?

24/7 Service - We have a technician on-call 24/7 so no matter what time your alarm is triggered, we can respond as your Key Holder. You can rest assured that your home or business is protected around the clock. 

Response Time - Depending where your home is, RFE can be on the premise within minutes of an alarm. We often arrive before emergency services and can provide a presence in case of intruder, reducing the time they have to cause damage, or immediately work to prevent a fire from spreading. 

Low Risk - Having our on-call technician/guard respond to your alarm reduces risk. There is greater change of harm or injury if you were to send a neighbour or friend to deal with a possible intruder or fire. Our staff are professional  and ready to deal with these scenarios.

False Alarms & Technical Issues - With any alarm, there can be false alarms or technical issues. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you are traveling or yours is a vacation home. This won’t be a problem if we are your Key Holder! One of our technicians can confirm if it is indeed a false alarm and deal with whatever may be causing the issue. 

Cost Effective - There is no actual cost to holding a key for your home or business, only when we need to attend. This simplifies and reduces cost when compared to employing a guard service, traveling out to check the premise yourself or getting charged by emergency services if it is a false alarm. 

Peace of Mind - You can have peace of mind knowing any alarm triggers or issues will be dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. We have worked the security industry for over 30 years and strive to provide the best solution for each individual customer. Above all, we care about your home and business!

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