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A monitored alarm is hands down the best way to protect your property. Why get a security alarm? Our alarms monitor not only for intrusion but also fire, low-temperature and flood. We have saved many homes in the valley from property damage, theft and huge insurance claims and headaches. It does not take much for things to go wrong. You're away and the propane runs out or the breaker on your furnace trips. Who is going to take care of your home? We can if you have a monitored alarm with us.

When it comes to security cameras, let's face it, there are thousands of options to choose from. But which option can’t be hacked? Which option works in -30 degree weather? Which option actually works as advertised? These can be overwhelming questions. We’ve already done the research to find the product that works well in the valley, that has a great warranty and that we stand behind. The biggest thing you get when you get a system from us is service. We probably know you on a first name basis and are always available to help.

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